It’s that time of year again when local businesses team up to raise funds for One Care’s Shop for Seniors Campaign!

We will be donating 15% of June’s drip coffee sales to this great initiative.

Check out the picture to see all the ways you can shop to support and for a chance to win a gift card! #caitscafe #onecaresshopforseniors #shopforseniors

It’s in our logo: community. So let’s talk about it for a second.

Let’s say Starbucks or Tim Horton’s is offering a seasonal treat. I mean, that’s actually pretty common. Let’s say this treat is a rhubarb danish. Now, would you bring them bundles of rhubarb from your garden? No.

And that’s what sets us apart. That’s what allows us to truly embody a community feeling. We have countless regulars who harvest and bring in rhubarb from their gardens to our cafe. Not for any compensation, but because the heart of a community beats hard. The thought of bringing rhubarb to our hub is a thought they have. This is beyond special. This is what makes our community strong, and it’s what makes our small business burst with pride, adoration, and gratitude.

How lucky are we to live here? How lucky are we to live here together and share in the sense of community and belonging that others are aching for?

We love you 🥰


It feels good to be open on this gorgeous holiday Monday! Come on by! (7am-430pm) ...

Know what’s better than a long weekend?


Rhubarb danish!

Yes! You read that right. The gifting of rhubarb from our friends has begun!

Starting tomorrow and until the strawberries come knocking on our door, a sweetly tart rhubarb filling will occupy the land of flaky buttery pastry and cream cheese icing.

Enjoy your long weekend, and we’ll see you lots! #caitscafe #rhubarb #longweekend #tasteofhuron

Question: how is it already the May long weekend???

Our iced drinks menu has been ready to go for a few weeks now, with seasonal fan favourites back like the Vietnamese Cold Drip, Elderberry Lemonade, and Iced Mocha. There are way too many options to mention here, so tell me, what’s your favourite?

And finally… what you’ve all been waiting for, our long weekend hours:

FRIDAY: 7am - 430pm
SATURDAY: 8am - 430pm
SUNDAY: 9am - 4pm
MONDAY: 7am - 430pm

Have a fantastic long weekend!

We run a tight ship here.

There will be no laughing, no telling jokes, no smiles, no hugs… nothing.

At all costs, no fun will be had.

Jk! 😂
Open till 430 today! Come see our amazing team!

Our pastry chef, Kim was acting kind of quiet in the kitchen. When a toddler is quiet, it usually means they’re up to no good.
Contrarily, it meant Kim was up to great things! Now, my previous encounters with baklava haven’t been the most positive. It’s not a treat I would ever desire or get excited about, so when Kim presented her baklava to me, I gave her an insincere “great”, and shoved one into a bag and walked away, with plans to feed it to the kids.

But, if you know me, you know that it’s impossible to have food in my presence without it being devoured, and so it was with the baklava, and my goodness, what a good trait to posses. This is legit delicious… and if you haven’t had baklava before, let this be your first time.

Flaky layers of phyllo pastry are filled with butter, walnuts, and cinnamon and baked until a deep golden brown and while still warm, honey and orange zest are poured on top.


A few years ago, someone I follow on Instagram was excited you could get hot oatmeal at McDonalds. I immediately saw this as an opportunity to provide a quick, healthy, nourishing on-the-go, eat-in-the-car meal at our cafe, while being mindful and transparent about the quality of the ingredients, and ensuring it was packed with vitamins, nutrients, and flavour.

Fast forward a few months of trial, and we came up with our version of hot oatmeal that is vegan and gluten-free. Take a look…

Dried fruit
To this, we add frothed almond milk, local maple syrup, and a dollop of our house-made triple berry chia jam (berries, maple syrup, chia).
Let sit for 5 minutes.

This isn’t by any means a new product, but one I am still excited about, proud of, and enjoy regularly. We hope you do too.

#caitscafe #onthego

The neon blue heart means a lot to us.

The AMGH Foundation launched a campaign called “Healthcare Hero Hearts Campaign”. You will see neon blue hearts starting to pop up across supporting local businesses in our community to show our love, appreciation, and support for our healthcare workers.

Moreover, you can now pre-order smile cookies from the Huron Road Tim Horton’s for May 1st - 7th Smile Cookie Week with 100% of proceeds donated back to the AMGH Foundation.

Dedicated, hardworking, caring individuals make this community truly shine. Keep supporting local.

#caitscafe #amghfoundation

Paleo pucks. All the fixings mixed with local maple syrup and egg white. The perfect energy boost packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. This is a need. #caitscafe ...

This Good Friday, we will be donating 100% of our coffee and loose-leaf tea sales to the St. André Bessette Trust Fund.

St. André Bessette is Canada’s first native-born male saint. Established in 2011 by the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board, this fund supports Catholic school families in need.

Thank you for continuing to support our diversified local and national fundraisers!

On a side note- we have sold over 1,000 hot cross buns so far, nearly doubling last year’s record! YOU CAN STILL PLACE YOUR ORDERS for pick-up on Good Friday or this Saturday. After that, they return to the vault until next Spring. Get them while you can!

Yes! We are open Good Friday! 🙂

Here our our Easter weekend hours:

Good Friday: 7am - 4:30pm
Saturday, April 8: 8am - 4:30pm
Easter Sunday: Closed
Easter Monday: Closed

Cait’s Cafe is hiring!

We`re looking for a few hard working and reliable folks that can shine in a fast paced environment and provide some awesome customer service.

You’ll be making a competitive industry wage plus daily cash gratuity, staff discounts, and other perks — plus evenings off!

Do you have some experience in FOH/BOH management? Let’s have a conversation about growth opportunities within our organization.

Whether you are just looking for a fun and lucrative summer job, or a full time position with our team, we want to hear from YOU!

e-mail us with your resume at

Cait & Spencer

With over 400 already sold, hot cross buns are a big hit!

There is still time to order! Pick-up anytime until Saturday, April 8 (we’re open Good Friday).

Email or pre-order with our team when you come in for coffee.

A brioche bun filled with currant and cranberry, topped with a citrus simple syrup and generously smothered with cinnamon cardamom icing, these are what dreams are made of.


Cozy cafes were made for days like today 😍. We’re open 8-430. ...

Have you heard of the Goderich Free Little Pantry?

Its slogan reads “give what you can, take what you need”, and with 3 locations currently in Goderich, it is meeting the needs of many in our community. According to Perth Huron United Way, 1 in 6 Canadian children live in a household struggling to put food on the table.

From Thursday, March 23- Thursday, March 30, Cait’s Cafe will be collecting cash donations in our mini pantry box to help supply the Goderich community pantry boxes.

If your needs are regular, the local food banks are a great option to get nutritious supplies and are located at Salvation Army on Suncoast, and St. Vincent de Paul on Macewan St. during their food bank hours.

Visit for more details, and keep your eyes open for the Goderich Free Little Pantry’s first fundraiser in May.

At Sawchuk Accessible Solutions, founder, Julie Sawchuk “…strive(s) to simplify accessibility so you fully understand why it matters and how to make your spaces and services more accessible for everyone”.

Julie consulted with us to create a simple and comprehensive study of the interior and exterior spaces in our cafe. This consultation resulted in an accessible information page on our website that provides pictures, and descriptions of the various spaces in our cafe. See —> origins --> accessibility

This is available for anyone to view before visiting our cafe, so you can feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed.

We highly recommend working with Julie to come up with a way of showing your current and future customers how your space is set-up and how you can improve accessibility, simply.


I started my morning off with an apple danish, and basically, I’m not sure how to top that.

Our handmade croissant dough, filled with our signature apple pie filling made with local apples, topped with our cream cheese icing… there is nothing that my heart loves more… except maybe my children and husband…

Do yourself a favour and


How to make the perfect espresso:



Following are the rules for making a perfect espresso as explained by Luca Mastantuoni, who trains foreign clients at Lavazza, a leading Italian coffee roaster:

-- pressure in the machine should be kept at nine atmospheres.

-- water should be brought to 90-95 degrees Celsius (194-203 degrees Fahrenheit), not to a boiling point.

-- freshly ground coffee should be used within one day;

-- time of brewing a standard 30 ml (1.01 ounce) cup of espresso should be 25 to 30 seconds.

-- the coffee should be drunk within two minutes after it was prepared or it starts losing its delicate bouquet.

-- crema is the best indicator of espresso quality: it should be of an even hazelnut color and be thick enough so that if sugar is added it should float on the surface for a few seconds before sinking. The crema then should close over the sugar after it drops to the bottom of a cup.

There are so many incredible activities happening this week at the Huron County Library and Museum!

You might be famished during your adventures… we got you 🙂

Our weekday hours are: 7am-430pm