At Cait’s Café, we pride ourselves in offering food made by us from start to finish using local ingredients.


healthy hits

​Raw Vegan Lemon Tarts

Paleo Pucks

​Parfait: (gluten-free, vegan) – coconut “yogurt”, house-made granola, chia jam

Hot Oatmeal: Oat, coconut, pecan, sunflower seed, current, cranberry, chia seed, cinnamon, almond milk, maple syrup and chia jam (berries, chia, maple syrup)


Butter croissant

Pain au chocolat (made with Lindt Chocolate)

Seasonal fruit danish


Date squares

Gluten-free Lindt chocolate brownie


White & dark Lindt chocolate pecan

Oatmeal raisin

Ginger molasses



Chocolate chunk banana


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croissant sandwiches

(sandwiches served on house-made croissant) 

Chicken B.L.T.:  In-house roasted chicken & Metzger bacon with sliced tomato, local organic greens, and pesto mayo

Breakfast Sandwich: Local organic fried egg, Metzger bacon, local aged cheddar, tomato, local organic greens, & spicy mayo

Blyth VegAvocado, tomato, Blyth Farm cumin goat cheese, local organic greens, pesto mayo, and house-made lime cumin dressing

panini sandwiches

(sandwiches grilled on house-made foccacia) 

Cuban: In house roasted Metzger pork belly, local Swiss cheese, pickle, dijon, and spicy mayo

Gourmet Grilled Cheese:  Metzger bacon, local Swiss cheese, local aged cheddar, tomato, and spicy mayo

Italian:  Genoa Salami, local goat cheese, roasted red pepper, local organic spinach, & pesto mayo

The Perfect Pear: Fresh pear, brie cheese, local arugula, caramelized onion, and pesto mayo


​Big SaladLocal organic greens, in-house roasted Hayter’s turkey breast, Metzger bacon, local organic hard-boiled egg, tomato, quinoa, local organic carrot,  local goat cheese, avocado, sunflower seeds, with house-made lime cumin dressing

Side Greens:
Greens, carrot, sunflower seeds, with lime cumin dressing


Big Soup – one size 
spicy house broth, rice noodles, pork belly, soft boiled egg, scallion, carrot, lime, & sesame seed

House Broth – side or full size available  
beef, & turkey bone broth with vegetable (gluten-free)

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“We had already eaten but were driving by and a friend had suggested it. It sure did not disappoint. We left there with 4 sinfully delicious chocolate croissants, one plain butter croissant and 4 decadent Lindt chocolate chunk cookies! The special looked great and the smells in this place were divine! We will definitely be back for lunch”

“I have not had anything bad from this restaurant. Danishes, croissants, breakfast sandwiches (OMG!), lunch sandwiches, lattes, cold drip coffees. Everything has been exceptionally good. A French bakery could not do better. I can not rate it high enough. As a cottager to Goderich it is our biweekly treat. Breakfast on Market day and lunch on laundry day. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a good meal. Not to mention the wonderful staff. Their philosophy is to supply you with the best and freshest local goods from beer to berries. Bravo to this young couple with wonderful taste in design and culinary skills.”

“​Just tried Cait’s breakfast sandwich and what a treat it was. High quality ham, a fried egg. Cheese , lettuce and chipotle mayo on a freshly baked croissant….btw they make their own croissants…as good as any i’ve had in France!! Unheard of in small town Ontario.
Think I just found a new favourite breakfast place in Goderich…”

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