november 23 2020

Any staff needing up to date Government recommendations on how to avoid contracting, and spreading, the COVID-19 virus are recommended to reference the most current information for our region from our local health unit.

If you require clarifications of these instructions in a language other than English, we will try to accommodate.
If you need clarification on any guidelines laid out by our local health board we can provide additional reference materials. Please be aware that there are social and mental health supports available, and we encourage you to use them if you need them.

Signage has been posted in the guest entrance of the cafe with passive screening instructions.

ALL guests who will be seated in the restaurant will be required to answer an ACTIVE screening checklist as well as recording their name and contact information. This checklist will be the cover page of the “dine in sheet” clipboard we already have in place. Due to the nature of our business, additional signage will be posted at each table instructing the guests to check in for active screening if they intend to dine in. No measures are in place for take-away guests.
All employees of Cait’s Cafe are encouraged to monitor their own symptoms at all times and use the online COVID-19 self-assessment tool to determine if they are safe to work.

ACTIVE screening is in place at employee and delivery (rear) entrance. All employees, volunteers, contractors, delivery people etc. will self diagnose and sign-in before entering the guest seating area. Additional signage is posted at back entrance.

Maximize physical distancing from guests, and if possible coworkers.  Masking is NOT a substitute.
We require Masking (non medical, cloth mask) as a  Source Control for all employees. All guests are REQUIRED to wear masks when they cannot maintain physical distance of 6” from employees or other guests inside OR OUTSIDE the building unless consuming food/drink.

Opening the doors to achieve ventilation is encouraged, but should not interfere with the comfort of seated guests.

The option for curb side pick-up should not be discouraged at this time.

High touch surfaces should be disinfected as frequently as possible between guests, with a MINIMUM occurrence of TWICE before general end of day cleaning. Ideal times for these disinfections are 11AM & 1PM, before and after lunch rush.
Quaternary Ammonium (pink spray) is available for employees to sanitize workstations, and for guests to sanitize tables. Guest washroom and employee hand washing station have been supplied with antibacterial hand soap. Alcohol based sanitizer is available beside the front counter next to the debit terminal.  Employees are responsible for knowing correct hand washing procedure.

Additional PPE in the form of eye protection is required if you are not able to maintain a distance of 2M from an UNMASKED patron or employee.

Any employee who calls in sick, presents symptoms or informs management they had close contact with someone with symptoms, will  take the self-assessment.  The employee will be instructed to follow any recommendations given by the tool, including being tested and self-isolating.

If anyone shows symptoms in the workplace, they should return home and self-isolate immediately. If they cannot leave immediately, they should be isolated until they are able to leave. The designated isolation zone is the rear entrance to the building.

In the event that someone is suspected, or confirmed of having COVID-19 at Cait’s Cafe, contact tracing data including employee schedules, dates and times of guest interaction, addresses, and contact information may be shared with Public Health officials upon request.
Employees who have close contact with someone known to have COVID-19 should self-isolate for 14 days. If they do not develop symptoms, they may usually return to work and other activities 14 days after their last contact with the case.

An employee with COVID-19 symptoms should self-isolate for at least 10 days from when the symptoms started.
If a worker who has symptoms receives a negative COVID-19 test result, they may usually return to work before 10 days if they do not have a fever and their symptoms are getting better.
Employees exposed in the workplace will be notified and be given information about the date and time of the potential exposure, and where it took place. No information will be given that would identify the infectious person.

Occupationally acquired illnesses are covered under WSIB, and all confirmed cases of COVID-19 for Cait’s Cafe employees will be reported.

Ostensibly, the business model hasn’t changed much. Our business is predominately  take-away, and hasn’t had a shut down of any kind through the pandemic. No new cleaning products are in use beyond what was already common place. A relevant concern is with the mental health and well being of Cait’s Cafe employees through these stressful changing times. we have an “open door” policy about discussing these matters, and giving support when needed.

  • Employees will be asked how they would like to participate in decision making and provide feedback. These conversations will occur both during paid employment, and outside of work time (participation is voluntary)
  • changes to processes and procedures will be communicated through group chat. Any training and implementation will be reinforced during paid employment.
  • New versions of this plan will be implemented whenever a shift int he “colour” system of COVID-19 response is initiated in Ontario