• A red brick building with street parking in front, marked with an accessible sign and has a fire hydrant beside.


    Single marked accessible angled parking stall. Wide stall with no painted access aisle or direct access to sidewalk. Curb cut at crosswalk beside parking.

    Two on-street angled-parking accessible stalls are available at the North St. intersection.

  • Brick sidewalk transitions to cement sidewalk in front of a red brick building. A black bench sits along the left and a garbage can on the right of the sidewalk.

    Access to Sidewalk

    Access to the sidewalk is with a wide curb cut with no tactile or colour contrast. Slope of walkway is gentle.

    Cement sidewalk shown with black fence on the left that forms a patio of Cait's. Right of the sidewalk is bricked transition to curb and street parking.


    Sidewalk passes beside the patio with room for one mobility device. Patio tables adjacent to sidewalk in summer. Sidewalk is flat.

    Sidewalk access is level and wide enough for most mobilitiy devices.

    White patio chairs with a green and black cafe table in front of the cafe windows.

    Patio Tables

    Patio is set up in summer with moveable chairs and small cafe tables. Umbrellas are availalbe to provide shade.

    Rearrange the patio chairs and tables to suit your accessiblity needs!

  • Front of building has yellow brick, windows on either side of the door with the "cait's cafe" sign (large cream coloured letters on black background)

    Business Sign

    Store front is easily identified with large sign above door and logo on both windows.

    Cait’s welcomes everyone!

    Front entrance of Cait's has yellow walls framing the windows and a glass door with a black frame.


    The doorway is set inside the covered entry. A small (1.5″) lip is accommodated by a portable wooden ramp.

    The threshold ramp is always out, even in winter!

    Glass door with green trim and black lever handle.

    Door Handle

    Door is free-swinging with a black leverl handle and a D-pull

    Pushing your way through the door give a jingle to let us know you have arrived!

    Access Ramp

    Wooden ramp is 36″ wide and accommodates a lip of 1.5″. The remainder of entry has a slight slope away from the building.

  • Interior photo shows wooden floor with white metal chairs beside a tall table attached to the wall.

    Seating (High)

    Tall tables with moveable tall metal chairs seats two.

    High tables have movable chairs and stools that can be moved to allow for the space you need.

    Seating (Low)

    Standard height table with bench and moveable metal chairs seats 4-6 people.

    This beautiful bench seats many, or just you!

    Two white chairs and a tall table are located in the front window.

    Window Seating

    Tall talbes with moveable tall metal chairs seats two in each front window. Curtains can be pull down to reduce glare.

    Sit and watch the world go by.

  • Five chalkboard signs list menu items and products like tea and coffee are displayed attached to the wall below.

    Menu Board

    Chalkboard signs are handwritten with coloured chalk to list menu items.

    Not sure what to choose? Ask the staff to make some suggestions or read all the options to you!

    Milk and sugar station is self serve. Shelves are attached to the wall. Garbage cans are located below.

    Milk Station

    Milk and sugar are self-serve at an accessible height. Accessible height coat hooks are attached to the wall beside. Outlet below.

    Water filling tap availalbe at the service counter

    Water Filtering

    Fill our glass or your own bottle.

    Take some water to go with our filtered water system.

    Grey-green service counter shown with staff working behind and menu boards above

    Service Counter

    The service counter allows you to make eye contact with the staff. Water filling station at right hand end of the counter.

    POS with tap on a cord, tip jar beside


    Point of sale device is on a cable with tap enabled. Customer must follow written prompts on screen to provide payment.

    Pay with tap or cash.

    Glass display case shows cold beverages, refridgeradte baked goods and signs in front of each item.

    Cold Food Display

    Cold goods are displayed in a glass case with three shelves.

    Baked goods like cookies and muffins are displayed on a tall side counter under glass lids.

    Baked Goods Display

    Baked goods like cookies and muffins are in glass containers displayed with labels and served by staff. (not self serve).

    A Muffin for take out in a paper bag.

    Baked Goods Served

    Treats to stay or go.

    Eat your treats in on a plate or take them home with you in a paper bag or box.

  • Washroom has grey tile floor with pale green walls.

    Full Bathroom

    Both washrooms are accessible, one with left transfer side, one with right transfer side.

    Two washrooms that work for your accessibility needs, including a child-size change table.

    White toilet with two grab bars and black garbage can. Emergency call string beside toilet.


    Tall toilet with open front seat and L-shaped grab bar and emergency call system. Garbage can is located beside toilet.

    Handwashing sink with counter and mirror.


    Roll-under sink has protected pipes, low mirror and soap within reach. Paper towel located to the right of the sink.

    White painted door with a black handle

    Bathroom Door

    White painted door with a black handle.